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Our statistics indicate a strong, positive and proactive start for a new administration, and a continuing demonstration of our focused attention to and desire to. Sheriffs welcome 3 annual statistics 4 administrative division 9 patrol division 11 civil division 12 investigations division jail division 14. The 2007 annual report is the third iteration in a continuing exploration of how to graphically encapsulate a year. A week and a few dollars later the printed copy arrived. Your definite inspiration guide into designing your next annual report. Jan 26, 2010 the end result is a report similar to that of an annual business progress report, only much sexier. This is an average of 70 residential inspections per month.

In 200708, 146 students were served in cti programs. Instead of suffering alone, she brought together a group of women facing the same life crisis. To my delight a few hours later a copy dropped in my inbox. This annual report cover is successful because it is unique it uses cutouts and different paper materials.

International data centre the international data centre idc is designed to collect, process, analyse and report on data received from facilities of the international monitoring system ims, including the results of analyses conducted at certified radionuclide laboratories. If the buildup of nuclear weapons continues, then international. Jan 15, 2009 due to popular demand nick made his 2007 report available to buy. The 2009 feltron annual report ocd made sexy flowingdata. Hcfa 2007 annual report economics of service industries. The kentucky residential code became mandatory on november 1, 2007. Due to popular demand nick made his 2007 report available to buy. We spent one hour marveling over nicholas feltons annual report, dissecting it for meaning, identifying the mathematical operations average. People see the report, and think to themselves, i want that for my life.

When the project began in 2005, the musictracking website was the only service capable of automatically capturing a category of personal data. Nicholas felton has been doing personal annual reports since 2005. Our spring issue of our quarterly magazine is the churchs annual report. This month, get four new weights and a variable font of dattilo djr, a revival of nebiolos slab serif cousin to forma. Cover image from the hunger project 2007 annual report. Since 2005, he has tabulated thousands upon thousands of tiny measurements in his life and designed stunning graphs and maps and created concise infographics that detail that years activities.

But for 2010, he did a report of his late fathers life utilizing various documents birth certificates, notebooks, slides, etc. This years theme, ten fingers, ten toes, ten years, was a celebration of resolves achievements in the area of infertility and its continued commitment to. Indeed, his work directly impacted a number of self. For those not in the know, felton makes this report every year based on data he has collected about himself.

So inspiring that here at build we decided to take a crack at our own layout to see how our studios brief history shakes out in graphic form. In 20067, over 500 new farmers joined the project, and approximately ha of new land will be managed for project activities. If world peace is in jeopardy, then the destruction of civilization could result. Fsce ethiopia is one of the highly populated countries with 74 million 2007 census, csa. They met regularly around her kitchen table to share their ups and downs, including how to cope. The national infertility association annual report 2007. The country has a fast growing population with a very high proportion of children. Coffee consumption was noticeably absent until this year and allowed nicholas to calculate that his daily habit was equivalent to nearly seven lethal doses of caffeine. Annual report 2007 the critical path institute, founded in 2005 in tucson, arizona, is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing scientists from the fda, industry and academia together to improve the path for innovative new drugs, diagnostic tests and devices to reach patients in need. Recognizing that there would be a strong effort by congress and the bush administration to pass a guest worker amnesty bill in 2007, fair. The printed report is produced in an edition of 2000 copies, and is. Six years ago, he started compiling an annual report of his life, compiling all of the little day. International data centre comprehensive nucleartestban.

Feltron annual report 20 selfsurveillance nicholas felton, report in his ninth edition of the personal report, nicholas felton looks at communication. I have a longstanding love of paper and printed material and the report didnt fail to impress, from the carefully stitched spine to the custom envelope. The national infertility association was founded in 1974 by barbara eck menning, a woman going through her own struggle with infertility. Nicholas felton the feltron 2007 annual report annual report covers.

In 2007, the cardiovascular health program cvh identified the built environment as a key focus. And boy, did he set that bar high, creating an annual report each year that laid out his personal data, from. Cover of 2007 annual report infographic by nicholas felton. Visit the website bnp paribas for a full pdf version of the annual report 2006 and 2007. The results were originally intended for his friends and family, but the personal annual reports have found an audience with. Aug 26, 2008 aka my qualified disaster aka the trouble with tech. Check out the full report here, and preorder yourself a letterpressed copy, shipping out in march. The feltron 2010 annual report for the past five years, graphic designer nicholas felton has been documenting the minutiae of his life via infographics in the feltron annual reports. A unique layout and information presenting annual report from feltron. Respect we believe in individual human dignity and the preservation of human rights under the rule and spirit of law, always treating others as we would like to be treated. If you love infographics, you probably have nicholas felton to thank, at least a little bit. Veep is a voluntary initiative for businesses in virginia, administered by the va department of environmental quality that requires efforts surpassing the applicable environmental.

The company is registered at the trade register at the local court of siegburg with the legal form of private limited company number hrb 359. Feltron 2007 annual report page 04 flickr photo sharing. He may be best known for his gorgeous series of annual reportsin. Human rights watch ivorian refugees on the road between the liberian towns of zwedru and janzon, after fleeing violence in western cote divoire, march 25, 2011. Inspired by the design i dropped him a quick email asking if it was possible to get a copy as a pdf. The 2012 feltron annual report posted by jason kottke mar, 20 aside from 2005s installment, i have a copy of every feltron annual report ever produced and i am eagerly awaiting the 2012 version.

The tenth and final feltron annual report examines the state of state of selftracking through widely available apps and devices. Alturas native nursery alturas8632890274 bemac farms odessa89202247 bent oak farm ocala3522455429. Because of unrestricted gifts from donors, putnam county will bene. See more ideas about annual report design, report design and brochure design.

Feltron report nicholas feltron had a rather unique hobby between 2005 and 2014, he studied something about himself and produced an annual report on it. The 2008 annual report posits that the passage of a year can be measured not by time but by distance. The rboard was recertified as an e3 facility this year. Feltron 2007 annual report, 2007 2008 artwork info artwork title feltron 2007 annual report artist name nicholas felton date created 2007 2008 classification printed material medium offset lithograph dimensions 10 x 8 12 in. This years report, however, switches focus to the remarkable life of feltons father. The mission of schuylkill area community foundation is to serve donors by developing, managing, and investing their contributions and to serve the community by distributing earnings, annually, in accordance with donor wishes to the community at large. See more ideas about annual report design, report design and infographic. The feltron 2006 annual report is gorgeous, informative and inspiring. Project highlights for 2007 over 70% of the nhambita community are now involved in project activities. In 2007, as has been the case for some time, fair demonstrated that it has the capacity to be proactive in its approach to working with the media.

Nicholas felton releases final ever personal annual report. This is the first printed edition and includes detailed eating, drinking, reading and location data that required meticulous record keeping throughout the year. Please refer to page 30 of the annual report of which this notice forms part for a brief curriculum vitae. More importantly, she was my mentor in how to be a patient teacher and inspire enthusiasm for nature in others. I hope what you will find is what i know to have been a strong and dynamic year full of impact. From parents to old friends to new acquaintances, everyone who had a significant encounter with nicholas in 2009 received an invitation to contribute to that years annual report. Our statistics indicate a strong, positive and proactive start for a new administration, and a continuing demonstration of our focused attention to and desire to have positive impact on crime in black hawk county. Olga lent her expertise to cross conservation area school on many occasions over the years and was a huge help behind the scenes assisting with logistics such as creating name tags and certificates. Epak continued its special projects grant program, in which we partner with a school to target a large project and seek. Cover image from the hunger project 2007 annual report hunger project programs throughout africa, south asia and latin america are based on an innovative, holistic approach, which empowers women and men to make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty. Ten years later, listening habits can be augmented with persistent location data, categories and amounts of. Or even better start collecting data about yourself and make your own report.

We design 18 pages of info graphics and statistics to show the church our status with church growth, giving, outreach, campus life, expansion and media. Residental inspections during 2010, the building inspectors performed a total of 849 residential inspections. Another awesome editorial design inspiration for the graphic design lovers. This approach allows the year to be expressed as a single, individual number that encompasses all the regimented days alongside the outliers. Participants were handed a letterpressed business card with a url and unique number leading to an online survey where.

Nhambita community carbon project annual report 2007. We started with four variables text messages, beers per day, etc. Gmbh has its registered office in troisdorf, germany. As of april 2007, 8000 ha of land was under forest management as part of project activities. Building code, 2007, went into effect on july 1, 2007. Please refer to pages 31 to 32 of the annual report of which this notice forms part for a brief curriculum vitae of each director. Charles county sheriffs office 2007 annual report life we believe the protection of life is our highest priority. Nicholas feltons personal annual report on his life is now up. This ruling dramatically changed baydelta water management.

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